Here is brief list of most important projects of Sourcecode DOO

  • Working on various aspects of SKS 365 product. Product is large real time web oriented application hosted on server farm and with vast database and powerfull administration tools in back office. Work on new features development, redesign of old features, process enhancements, speed optimization, system stability issues.

  • Sofgen Activity Monitor development. This application is ment to aid operators while runing sofisticated COB process in T24 system. Allows user to monitor state of the system in COB and/or daily operations for multple systems at once. Read more on this at Sofgen’s SAM page

  • Work on development of backend solution for Setvi mobile sales enablement solution. Realised as web aplication developed with Microsoft tools.

  • Integration, supporting applications and Temenos T24 applications development for Hypo Alpe Adria group banks in Podgorica –¬†Montenegro, Mostar¬†– Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banjaluka – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belgrade – Serbia.
    Project lasted 5 years and included integration of three different e-banking vendors, internal and exernal reports creation, application for statements, interest lists, warnings and loan lists printing on remote locatios, accounting plan maintenance application, IFRS calculation application, BASEL2 days of delay calculation, reporting schemes maintenance application, QDM (file copy through MQ to remote location application with pre and post processing), supporting programs and T24 application development.